The Journey Begins

Today, I am starting my own blog. This is quite an achievement, because I am a dog.  Well, really a “doggie person” as my dad calls me and my sisters, Lula and Ripley.  The achievement is made all the more amazing because I don’t have any thumbs. A new kind of Artificial Intelligence, known as “bark-to-text” is how I am able to dictate my thoughts and feelings. Most of the pictures you’ll see have been taken by somebody else, because my selfie game isn’t strong (it’s that whole “no thumbs” deal again).

My plan is to tell you about my journey, but also to post some small thing at least once every day, because stuff happens every day that my mom says make her crazy. She comments a lot that if nothing else gets her to heaven, her patience in dealing with me will.  This actually confuses me.

I’m going to call these daily observations “Your Daily Pants”. If you look at the About page here on my site, you’ll understand why my blog is called “The Brown Dog Of Doom” and why I am known widely simply as “Pants”. That page also has some of my history, but as a first post, here is the backstory of Scarlet Mackay Galat:

I was born on December 24, 2015 somewhere in Georgia.  I never met my biological father, and my time with my birth mother was pretty short, from what I remember. Nobody really knows much about me before the time I was found wandering alone at 8 months old. I had managed to survive for those 8 months on my own, foraging for food and water. Some people found me and took me to an animal shelter. I was scheduled to be euthanized though, because there are so many stray puppies already out there with not enough homes, and I was already 8 months old, and had never really been around humans.

Some wonderful people saved my life by taking me to the Forsyth County Humane Society. They don’t kill any doggies there, ever. Instead, they fed me, and gave me shots and medical attention and spayed me, and when I was ready they put me up for adoption.

A nice family with little kids adopted me on Saturday October 29, 2016. And brought me back one day later. I was a little too crazy. Remember, I had never been around people before. I had never been in a house. I had never seen stairs. I was very sad, because I really wanted a forever home.

One day later, my mom & dad came in. They already had 2 older dogs, and weren’t really looking to get another, but my mom got an email from the Humane Society that had some dogs listed for adoption. One was named Dee Dee, which is also my mom’s name.  She told my dad it was meant to be, and they came to see Dee Dee. But Dee Dee had already been adopted earlier that morning.

Dad said he wanted to look around some more and he saw me, and they asked if they could meet me. It was late in the day, I was tired and kind of sad after being returned that morning. So they only saw a brief glimpse into me, but they were drawn in by my pretty amber eyes.  When they told my mom & dad that I had been returned because I was “a little too energetic”, my dad thought that wasn’t a big deal, because his other two dogs had been a little wild when he first adopted them. They decided to adopt me.

I was so excited, and when I got to my new home, I had toys and other dogs (more on that another time) and a giant fenced yard. Actually, I should point out I actually had a home, with stairs and rooms and filled with stuff. That was all new to me – kind of a devil’s playground, it turns out. I was named Mackay by the shelter folks, but I didn’t know who that really was, and didn’t answer to it.

Mom and dad decided to name me Scarlet, and that day my journey as one of the most pampered dogs on earth began. But as you’ll learn, I didn’t make it easy.


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