Your Daily Pants – May 17, 2019

I have my own blanket. Actually two.

A small one I carry around with me, and a bigger one that I got first and used to carry around, but now I just take that one with me when I go to Barkfield to stay overnight. 

Mom gave me a blanket of my own because when I first got here I chewed on everything, including a throw blanket dad has on the bed. I’d steal it, hide under the bed and chew on it. 

Mom found my big one at Petsmart and got it for me.  I loved it from the start, and while I like to chew on them, I never ruined it.

It’s kind of big, and I used to step on it and stumble when going up and down the stairs dragging it, using my mouth. Dad found a smaller one, and now I carry it around. All the time.  I also snuggle with it, and chew gently on it, but I’ve never torn it up. It’s my special.

My blanket. Dad thinks i know it’s mine bacause it’s also brown. The Brown Blankie of Scarlet.

This morning, I was all wound up (I wake up pretty frisky everyday) and decided it would be a good day to remember that Dad’s blanket is still on the bed. You’d think I’d know that since I sleep on the bed every night, and last night I slept on top of that very blanket, but whatever. I pulled that blanket down and chewed on it, despite both mom & dad telling me to drop it. Over and over.

Dad’s blanket is the best

Finally, dad grabbed MY blanket and gave it to me to distract me.  I cuddled it and fell asleep. Life is good.

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