Your Daily Pants – May 18, 2019

Ah, Saturday.  The weekend. Made mom get out of bed early for breakfast, then tore back upstairs to run really fast and launch a jump onto the bed. Landed on dad’s belly. Sweet.

Later, mom took a break from working in the yard to eat her breakfast – some peanut butter and a banana. Lula and Ripley really wanted some. We aren’t allowed to eat any of the good people food (like cheeseburgers or bacon), but dad says some carrots, bananas, cheese, blueberries and peanut butter are OK. I eat those, but I am not sure I really like any of them, so I waited to the outside to watch my sisters bother mom, and decide if I wanted something. I call it training, learning from my sisters.

Lula, Ripley and the art of begging illustrated.

They, on the other hand, really wanted some, and they are really good at begging.  Lula has even added in a drool-all-over-mom thing to her bag of tricks.

Cute faces, tongue wags & drool stains. The Lula Galat “method” of begging.

It worked.

We pretty much got most of mom’s breakfast – Ripley got a spoonful of PB and I got to lick the paper plate. Lula really scored, she got a piece of banana covered in PB. And, she got to eat it out of dad’s hand, which means she also ate some of dad’s hand. But, she’s old, so it’s OK.

Mom only got half her breakfast though.

Dad calls it a diet, whatever that means.


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