The Brown Dog of Doom       

My name is Scarlet, but around my house I have learned that dogs are really princesses and therefore granted many names, sometimes on the fly.  Each of my two older sisters (Lula and Ripley) also have lots of nicknames, but this blog (like most things in my life) is all about me.

Since joining the Galat household from the Forsyth County Humane Society shelter as a rescue on October 30, 2016 I have been called Mackay (which was my shelter name that mom & dad made my middle name after adopting me), Scarlet, Crazy Pants (I might have a slight history of wildness) or the “shortened” version of that, simply Pants.

This was the day I came home from the Forsyth County Humane Society shelter. I was so cute. Little did they know.

Pants is what the wonderful folks at Barkfield Inn & Suites, (where I go to doggie daycare sometimes and where I stay when my mom & dad go out of town) call me.

My real name – Scarlet – is rooted in my mom & dad’s love of the Ohio State Buckeyes, who proudly wear Scarlet as one of their colors. I have become a big fan myself.

In addition to the names above, I am also called Doodle (an offshoot of Pantsy Doodle, which my mom made up), Doodler, Doodle Dog, and simply Doo (which I think is shortened from Doodle, but mom says is because I do, Doo). The reality is that if you can add anything to Scarlet, then that becomes a nickname. If you can add anything to Pants, then that becomes a nickname. If you can add anything to Doodle, then that becomes a nickname.  Pantsington, Nosy Pants, Doodle Bug & Scarly Mack are all examples.

The good news? I know them all. And I choose when and if I will answer or react to any. You just never know. Because as my mom says I am a threenager.

My Blog is titled “The Brown Dog of Doom”, because my dad coined that for me as a descriptive tagline (he IS a marketing guy, after all) rather than as a nickname. Even that has a shortened acronym version (did I mention my dad’s a marketing guy?) – the BDOD.

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