Your Daily Pants – May 16, 2019

Nothing unusual today. I woke up full of piss & vinegar.  Mom had to be up early again to go take care of Ian, who’s been sick all week. Since she was up, I decided EVERYBODY should be up. Not just at my house, but all over our neighborhood. So, I started barking for my breakfast an hour early.

Lula usually ignores most of what I do, except barking. When I bark, she barks. When she realizes I am barking for food, she REALLY barks, because if I’m going to demand food, she figures she should demand food.

Dad finally got up and fed us, but he made us wait until the normal time. All that wasted barking. 

Thursday is the day the gardeners come, so dad closed the door and my dog door while he showered, so I wouldn’t go out and bother them, or escape through an open gate.

Did I mention I was full of piss & vinegar? Well, I had to go. Since the doors were closed, and dad was in the shower, I decided to just pee on the bed. His bed.

After the gardeners left, dad let us out. We all had to go potty.  Lula needed help to make it down the steps to the yard, and while dad was helping her, I noticed the gardeners had left the gate open, so I did what I’ve always wanted to do – I ran. And ran. And ran. 

Dad figured it out pretty fast, and frantically started calling me. He was so freaked out. Totally worth it. 

I came back when he called.

Soon, it will be dinner time. I can’t wait to bark. A lot.

Like I said, nothing unusual today.

Dad is muttering about something called alcohol.

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